Ready to Open a Tattoo Shop in Abilene, TX?

We have the tattoo supplies you need to get started

If you're opening your own tattoo shop in Abilene, Texas, you'll need to stock up on all the latest tattoo supplies for your inventory. G's Tobacco & More can set you up with a Dragon Heart tattoo kit to get you started. You can stock up on tattoo guns, ink, green soap, stencil paper, needles, tubes and more. Purchase tubes and needles individually, too, if you need a few extras.

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Choose top-notch supplies for your art

If you're on the hunt for a new brand of ink, our shop carries several top brands for you to choose from. You'll find reputable ink brands like:

  • Eternal
  • StarBrite
  • Millennium Mom's
  • Immortal
Browse our full collection of tattoo supplies by visiting us ASAP.