They have everything you need at a good price & pretty good inventory. Great atmosphere & staff. Definitely recommended.

Ash H.

This place is cool. They sell that dope purple soda that makes you all chill, it's called Drank. I bought some sage here too, if you sell sage you got my vote, k? K.

Emanual T.

I'm 37 yet they carded me, I take that as a compliment!!! Overall they have some excellent gear, a bit pricey but excellent gear.

Alex A. III

Great place to get your tobacco pipes as well as cigarette rolling papers

Corey H.

They've precisely wut tha dr. ordered.

Daniel W.

Great place offering Mini a blessing! No cell phones and must have ID. Watch your language...

Lynn R.

Very friendly service, excellent prices and a wide variety of tobacco pipes and pipe cleaners, as well as accessories. Is recommended to everyone.


For all you tattoo needs. Along with other merchandise offered to this generations recreation.

Larry S.

Had just what I needed

Teresa R.

Great service and selection. Always friendly and helpful.

Vickie L.

I was very satisfied with the product I bought for my plantar fasciitis pain I had tried everything I could think of and a friend of mine told me about it so I went and got a tube of it I will say it was expensive but it worked and I've been without pain now going on 5 months and can finally wear my flat shoes again thank you I'm sorry I don't remember the young girl that help but thank you for introducing this product to me .

Diana O.

Great service and nice selection

Lisa K.

Great selection of vapes

Paul S.

The best always helpful and nice.

Bryan A.

Cool place

Casey B.

They have lighter leashes, I repeat...they have lighter leashes. Anyways excellent service and very informative.

Carlena J.

A great place to go to get that special something that you cannot find anywhere else in Abilene. Make sure you have your current ID with you

Lynn R.

A great selection.

Patricia M.

Fantastic shop verynice, knowledge and helpful staff.

Troy H.

I love this shop.

Gizzy I.

Employees were very nice and answered all our questions. Must be the best smoke shop in Abilene.

Rider M.

Lots of cool stuff there.

Alberto L.

Very helpful with a variety of items. Established in the community.

Hannah A.

Very helpful and will be going back for sure!

Michele M.

Mr Nice Guys is the best!! Very friendly atmosphere and the employees are great help when I need to find a certain product!!

Jenn F.

Very nice, had great selections.

Tristen R.

These are very polite and helpful folks. Going thru their town and they answered every question I asked. This place rocks !!! They knew right where to show me where everything was at . Again best in Abilene !!! Namaste

John L.

Amazing! one of my favorite places to go!

Zoe I.

Love it!!! Wish I could get here more often

Rori C.

Very nice staff and decent prices! And the name :)

Terrence C.

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